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flavored weed

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by kishou, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. do you think there will ever be flavored weed? Like literally it would taste like that. Almost like jellybean flavors. That would be sweet. I know there's lemon kush, but that's the only flavored weed i know.
  2. Yeah but I would prefer the good old taste of normal Ganj
  3. There already is flavored weed its called Kine bud or dro,
    Kush, Headies, Premos,
    or whatever slang term your region
    Any name brand bud grown flushed and cured properly
    will have flavors ranging from spicy(The
    Purps) to lemony
    (Schrom),Fruity(Blueberry),Earthy(Kush), Sweet(Nebula),
    Coffee(Big Bud) and beyond. Diesel is one of the most
    fantastic tasting strains in my opinion with the nearest
    descibable taste being gasoline although anyone who smoked
    real sourD will tell
    you it tastes nothing like that but
    its the nearest descibable flavor

    My advice to you start buying premos
  4. yeah this dude knows what he's talkin about..

    you just havent had good weed.. BOMB weed :smoke:

    if i smoke the weed i got from a pipe it tastes fruity.. my homies say it tastes like fruity pebbles haha
  5. i mean like it would literally taste like lemon juice or sprite. Not like fruity. I've smoked fruity before. But you can still taste mostly the ganja.

  6. What the fuck man, this would just ruin the myriad of different flavors in well flushed and cured cannabis. Seriously, get the fuck out of here with this flavored weed bullshit. :smoke:

    I'm tokin on some lemon wreck and thats as flavored as I need it, I might pack a bowl of grape ape afterwards. Fucking flavored weed.
  7. ive had a couple that tasted just like wat they were named...

    Raspberry kush, orange crush, GDP(grape), and strawberry kush...
    thats just off top....
    but yea wen u increase ur variety, u'll begin noticing the different flavors...
    Toke it ez.:smoke:
  8. It would suck if weed actually tasted like fruit or something I think. I mean half the reason weed is so good is because it tastes and smells so good. If my weed started tasting like scented candles I think I might have a problem with it.
  9. Yah...

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