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Flavored Tobacco

Discussion in 'General' started by revolution12345, Apr 24, 2010.

  1. Alright, so I love going to hookah bars, but it sucks because the closest one is atleast 30 minutes away. I couldn't buy my own hookah because i'm still living at home and my parents are very anti-smoke even though i'm of legal age to do so.. I really don't smoke cigs that much, but ocassionally a cigar. I was wondering if there were any deeply fruit flavored tobacco products that you could buy at convience stores/gas stations. I know obama signed that bill regarding flavored ciggs. I have tried flavored cigars, such as black and milds/swisher sweets (wouldn't call them a cigar, but close enough), but really can't get that strong flavor that you can get in hookah. Does anyone have any suggestions?

    Any help would be of great appreciation.

    (I've read through the forums and found this the most appropriate place to post, sorry if its in the wrong place)
  2. this would belong on the box, but its not that big a deal.

    if youre lookin for a tobacco thats as sweet as shisha, i doubt youll find one. i was gonna recommend pipe tobacco, but since you mentioned black n milds theres no need to.

    can you buy a hookah and keep it at a friends? or just dont smoke it at home?
  3. ha if i was you i'd just get a hookah and keep it on the low

    take it apart when you aren't using it and keep it in a good place ' just dont smoke in the house if you do because more often then not the coal will end up burning a hole in the carpet and you'll get caught in that bad way

    but if you get one just toke it outside and when the parents aren't around

    i can't think of anything else ' wine black and milds get old fast
  4. Some pipe tobacco can be quite flavorful. Peaches and cream is tasty.
  5. I have a mini hookah... when you disassemble it it fits in a box smaller than my shoe boxes which hold a size 5 shoe... so it's pretty stealthy.

    You could break it out at night and chillax and smoke

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