Flavored Spliffs

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    Just smoked a spliff, .5g of flame herb with .3g of american spirit red pouch. But I also flavored the tobacco with this strawberry flavoring drops beforehand. Soooo good, tastes just like a strawberry swisher blunt! anyone else ever use these or see them? The drops. Also, made the thing a lot smoother somehow...

  2. Ive seen them before but never tried tbh I thought it would be like the flavoured papers sometimes you cant taste it. You said it was good though so I will have to try it just to find out !

  3. Do it man, as strong as the flavor in a blunt I'd say or better, its nice lol
  4. is that the tasty puff 
    never tried but a little bit of me would be keen
  5. Maybe, not sure, its at my bros right now. Are all the names ridiculous like nilli vanillie and strawberry fields and such?
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