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Flavored papers

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Smawrpg, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. So I usually don't buy flavoring rolling papers but decided to anyways. I got a pack of Joker grape 1.25, however the only time I taste grape is when I lick the glue. The smoke doesn't even have a hint of grape, so do you guys know of any flavored rolling papers that taste like their supposed to when you smoke em?
  2. Not alot actually, I had best flavor with juicy jay cotton candy or fudge...
  3. They are made to put the taste on your lips. At least that's what I heard
  4. anything made by juicy jay.
  5. ya juicys are good. i love the raspberry ones, with dank weed they taste amazing. had some sour-d and northernlights awhile back and they made an absolutely delicious combination. but lick the glue easy cause its sugar based
  6. I'm not at all a fan of any flavored papers, including Juicy Jays. I've tried quite a bit of them, and the mild taste is definitely not worth the poor burning. Zig Zags are by far the best rolling paper as far as tasting the weed and burning evenly are concerned.
  7. Watermelon juicy Jay :)
    But I hate how if you use too much saliva to seal it the glue becomes useless since its a sugar based glue.
  8. had the strawberry 1s b4 but i had never rolled then so it wasnt that great, shit it still hit and i thought it was alright even if i didnt grind the buds. got me high doe.

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