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Flavored Papers And Weed ?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by VaiinChick, Jun 5, 2013.

  1. Does flavored papers burn fast just like normal papers ? I use slow burn when I'm having joints but wanted to try smoking it with flavored papers even though I've tried it with blunts. 

  2. Flavored papers don't really taste when they burns its just flavoring on the papers that taste in the end they are very thick papers also
  3. theyre thick so they burn quick, im not a fan personally, always gives me a bad taste and a headache
  4. I am also not a fan of flavoured papers.  Thick, burn and taste like your smoking paper, and Id rather taste my natural flavour of the bud.

  5. yeah for me there's no point, I enjoy the taste of weed
  6. Flavored papers (at least the ones ive tried) are pure ass. They don't taste like anything but paper. And they taste like extra paper because they're thicker than normal papers. Look elsewhere yo; if you want added flavor go blunt wrap
  7. Honestly I cant believe theres that many posts saying no to flavored papers. I use them often along with zig zags, raws, skins, etc and they burn at the same rate if you can actually roll. They taste good if you get the right kind. Some suck, others are great. I only use juicy jays for flavored and i definately recomend watermelon, green apple, or bubblegum
  8. All I can taste is the weed. 
  9. I prefer to just get weed that taste like green apple, bubble gum, blueberry or whatever else. To me the flavored papers taste like crap, but then again so do the cheap gas station cigars everyone seems to love for blounts.

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