Flavored cigs?

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  1. I tried searching but found nothing. I recently came across a honey and vanilla flavored cig, do you think smoking this after blazing would be a good idea? I've never smoked a flavored cig before, do I smoke it the same way I smoke regular ones? Thanks in advance.
  2. Djarum Blacks.
  3. Prime Time has a whole slew of flavors.
  4. So its smoked just like a regular cigarette right?
  5. kk thanks
  6. Obama passed a law banning all this shit.

    Good Luck.
  7. newports man :)
  8. Not in effect. Just ordered 8 packs on ebay.
  9. I grew up in Germany and there's a cig brand called West. They used to make crazy flavored cigs, even a cola flavor.
    Don't ask me how they were...i don't smoke.
  10. Really? Didn't know that. What a stupid law.
  11. Somewhat, it entices kids to start smoking, leading to early addiction and dependency for a vast amount of their lives, causing lung cancer and other problems to build up.
  12. Honey T = Win
    Get some of those.

    BTW How fuckin stupid are you?
    "Do I smoke falovored cigs the same way as regular cigs? ADURRRR"
  13. Yeah this is a honey T. Dude lol I'm a total noob when it comes to smoking. You were there once right?
  14. In theory maybe. I think a lot of the reason kids try smoking is because their parents do or they know someone close that does. I remember the first time I tried a cig when I was about 10 or 11. It was disgusting. The only reason I tried one is because I was around grown ups that smoked.

    Now, however, I am not a smoker, per se. I do enjoy a fine cigar from time to time and have been known to have a smoke or two when I am a little drunk. Nicotine and alcohol just seem to work well for me. I have never had a reliance on them though. Slow suicide just ain't my bag. Besides, I'd rather smoke herb. :smoke:

  15. Well I never said that was the sole reason behind kids starting to smoke, but its a good percentange of the reason I think. At least we are eliminating that.
    I agree herb is much better.
  16. Flavored cigarettes never had any influence on me when I was 12 and starting to smoke.

    It was all peer pressure, and the pretty packs of Marlboro Reds.

    I think it is bullshit. Obama smokes, he needs to eat his fuckin' words and worry less about personal freedoms.
  17. ^^^Fa Sho these are the best
  18. Obama needs to legalize or at least decriminalize weed. He admitted to smoking plenty of that in the past. He knows what the people want. Although I'm sure the tobacco lobbyists have got to him before the sensible marijuana lobbyists have. Too bad the side with more money always tends to win.

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