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Flavored Bong Water?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by purplehazeguy, Jun 8, 2009.

  1. I was wondering if you guys put anything in your bongs
    to make the hit taste better? I heard putting lemon juice
    in a bong makes it taste good and destroys resin.

    What do you think?

  2. It's not gonna destroy the resin, not much at least. Putting flavored drinks in can give you a nice taste, but it's a hit or miss thing usually. Minty-type drinks and soda have worked well for me in the past, alcohol has never worked for me contrary to popular belief.
  3. Yeah, id just stick with water
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    Putting lemon juice in your water will help keep your glass clean (someone on this site actually wrote up a thread about it.. I believed through much trial-and-error they settled on about 10 drops to be the perfect amount) and can help with the taste, though you should exercise caution because too much can ruin the taste.

    As far as juices go, I've done Hawaiian Punch and Juicy Juice. There's not a HUGE different in taste, you can taste the juice a little. You just have to be sure to clean your bong out immediately after, because leftover juice on the glass will make it sticky and nasty.

    And idk WTF the dude ^^ up there is thinking, putting soda and alcohol in your bong? :smoking:
  5. I use tasty puffs.
  6. In an old bong I had back in the day I used to put Cherry cough drops in the water. Tasted great.

  7. how much do those go for again, just on estimation?

    cuz i had that once and it was nice

  8. 6$ :)
  9. hmm...thats not too bad. how effective is it?

  10. really effective haha,,

    My girl has the "Cotton mouth candy" one, and it only takes a drop or twwo in the bong water, maybe one on the bud.

    I highly reccpmend the orange too
  11. what are some of their flavors you'd reccomend to stay away from?

  12. These are the ones i hated:

    Those are the only one i didint like..
  13. i would have went straight for pineapple too, im definatly getting some flavoring tommorrow, i hate the taste of mids and regs, this would cover up some of that bad taste, correct?
  14. Stay away from Chumpy Chocolate. Its ok in bong water once in a while. But it mostly just tastes really fake.
  15. I used gatorade once tasted like kool aid
    those huge ass cans are like a dollar and they make it taste like sexy in your mouth
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    old forester and coke
    old forester
    old forester and some import beer i forget the name of
    old forester and orange gatorade
    grape soda
    grape kool aid
    pink lemonade
    pink lemonade and sprite

    I've smoked through all of these in a beaker bottom with a diffuser, TONS of flavor. Also, as far as i can remember none of them tasted bad (unless you really can't stand whiskey).

    EDIT: just thought I'd add that when we smoked through the whiskey we seemed to get just as high, and the fumes, i guess, from the whiskey seemed to add a little kick to it actually.
  18. fat free milk, hits way harder in my opinion

    but dont use any with fat because it will absorb the thc
  19. my local headshop doesnt carry tastypuffs or anything you can flavor bud and bongwater with. the other headshop is a long carride away, is there anything that is sold at walmart/waldbaums/target etc. that can be used directly on the bud to make it taste better? besides fruit peels as those create mold.

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