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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Zye, Jan 19, 2003.

  1. Has anyone ever tried adding flavor to their weed?

    Not sure how this is done exactly. Flavor the grass itself or flavor the screen or bowl?

    If you have done this: What flavor compliments it best? How did you flavor it?

    Have been smoking for a while, but haven't ever tried this.


  2. I put fruite slices in my sack sometimes.. Makes it taste pretty good..
  3. That's a good alternative to the baby carrot we put in the bag sometimes to remoisten it. May have to try that.

    Any fruit in particular? oranges?

  4. hatebreeder has this huge post on adding flavored extracts to the weed a few hours before harvest to add a touch of flavor to the plant... but if you don't grow the fruit idea sounds good... just make sure ya don't leave it in there too long or it'll start to rot... and i recon any type of fruit would be good... that's really up to each individual's personal taste :D
  5. grapefruit slices are the best
  6. if you spray your plant with like vanilla extract or blueberry something and water the final product will inherit that flavor and aroma. Also i like to but a little orage peel in my bag sometimes
  7. If i want to flavor the smoke, i'll get a flavored Bluntwrap :) they work great.
  8. Flavored papers, fruit in your sack for a couple days.

    Strawberries and oranges work good!

  9. yeah. i do that too :D
  10. Should you put the actual fruit slices or just the peels?
  11. Wow! What a great response! I really appreciate all of the information.

    I don't grow my own: I live in an apartment and who knows when they would show up to look around. I know they have to let me know ahead of time, but hey, who knows.

    And I also prefer to use a pipe rather than roll 'em. Although we will occasionally roll one for the power hitter (My husband is a genius, made us a great one out of a plastic rubbing alcohol bottle.)

    So I guess my question is would putting fruit in the sack really give it any flavor? Orange peels sounds like it might work, but other fruits maybe not so much.

    Hmmmm....vanilla extract maybe, or if there is a way to infuse the vanilla with say vanilla and vodka? I know you can make vanilla extract using vanilla beans in plain vodka....dunno though, just thinking....

    Thanks everyone! Later...

  12. im goin to use that flushing method of harvesting when i harvest my plants ... but i also put orange and bannana peels in my sack sometimes ... just remember to not leave it there too long ... or mold will come..
  13. fart in the sack

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