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  1. I have heard ppl say quarts nail for the best flavor when dabbing. Today I noticed my TI nail head was starting to oxidize so I put a quarts nail my buddy let me borrow in. After one dab all I could taste was a nasty flavor. This is some good shatter that taste great on TI. The quarts nail is seasoned.
    My question is what type of nail do you blades think gives the best flavor?
    Sorry if it was choppy, I just took a fat dab.

  2. If the quartz nail doesn't taste better then it isn't properly seasoned. All my quartz nails gave off a somewhat chemical taste til they were
  3. yeah either it isnt seasoned or your dabbing on it too hot. quartz tastes disgusting when its too hot, even more so than Ti IMO.
    You need to blow on it and cool it down, get the errl off the dabber and then carb your dome so you can catch those vapors at low temps and enjoy it.
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