Flavor chaser dab tool?

Discussion in 'Concentrate Tools' started by NekroKo, Aug 13, 2017.

  1. Maybe it's the region I'm in but I'm surprised there isn't more posts in this section. Extracts/Concentrates are everything here (Washington state).
    Anyway, I'm just looking for people's opinions on the best set up for small quantity, good flavor dab hits. Right now I'm using a thick wall quartz banger. Taking me a while to learn how long to let it cool to get that perfect flavor hit. I'm getting there though.
    I think the flavor of concentrates is what made me give up flower for the most part. I used to be a cigar and pipe tobacco snob so I'm used to that chase for the perfect smoke. Extracts are like smoking the soul of the plant instead of just the body. There's so much more depth that isn't being clouded by unnecessary smoked materials. And of course, it's concentrated.
    No experience with titanium, don't know much about it. No e nail experience. Basically just banger experience and ghetto cheap ass glass nail which broke soon due to heat stress.
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  2. I'm still an apprentice on dabbing, but find that with a quality product the heat of the nail is most important. I just bought an enail, very reasonable on Amazon. You find the temp you like, set it and leave it. Perfect dab after dab. I do use a titanium nail and haven't been able to tell much difference between that and quartz. Good luck on your quest, mate. It's a worthy mission (seriously, I love concentrates).

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