Flatting with 3 girls? (college)

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  1. Would this be as good as i think i would be? or would it be horrible and bitchy?

    id be the only guy in the place. All the girls are attractive
  2. It could go either way...

    If all three are cool with one another, and they don't start treading on each others toes over whatever, it would be sweet as a nut.

    If not, welcome to hell...

    However, as soon as something goes wrong in the place, be prepared to be the one to fix it. Hope you like D.I.Y. Chronic!
  3. Man it sounds awesome but at the same time u really don't ever wanna fuck someone u HAVE to see on a daily basis.

    They're 3 women and women's periods sync up.. so the week before they start they're periods they are gonna start feeling shitty and you'll hear about it and then the week of they will be super bitchy and they will justify anything they do because all the women will team up even if they're wrong.. its 3 women and women fight with each other and hate each other.. they talk shit and create drama behind each others backs and ur constantly gonna get pulled in as the ref but anything u say or do is gonna be wrong.

    It sounds like a good thing but in the end when u look at all the facts.. ur the only dude and ur goin up against 3 chicks.. welcome to hell on earth for the next 4 years
  4. depends what kind of girls they are.

    you prepared against developing a crush only to see her bring home a douche? High risk/reward situation
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  5. It could go from good to bad way fast.
  6. It'll probably be fine, perhaps even fan-fucking-tastic, so long as you're wise enough to be able to draw a line between "roommate" and "potential mate."

    I have to agree with the other posters, don't try anything with people you're forced to go home to every night.
  7. do you realize that they're probably going to be bringing home guys and having sex with them and you will be in the next room listening to some guy/guys fuck your room mates while your trying to sleep
  8. ive done that before.. but it was 2 girls and you slowly lose insanity. first its cool cause your just like yo i got 3 bitches ant home but really you might not even be able to get any from any of them and they will start bitching alll the motherfucking time!
  9. i lived with 3 girls for a semester.
    it was 3 guys & 3 girls.
    we were a tight knit group before we all lived together, so it was a blast.

    to this day i consider that the funniest times i had in college.
    then again we all partied hard as shit & lived it up.
  10. Oh and op hope you like killing bugs too cause the girls wont do shit!
  11. Oh snap their menstral cycles will be in sync. Your fucked.
  12. Expect the bathroom the stink 1 week a month
  13. Unless they are triplets all willing to have sex with you at the same time, its not worth it.

    Girls tend to judge when you start drinking at 10 am.
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  14. the girls i live with would join in on the 10 am drinking.
    we would play drinking games all day...

    then again we all did very poorly that semester.
  15. Most girls won't though. You gotta find the girls who are down as fuck to get down as fuck.
  16. Theres pros and cons, the only real pro being that your the only guy, surrounded by women

    cons being that they will most likely bring back guys to fuck all the time, you might end up falling for one of these girls even though nothing can ever happen, they probably won't tidy their own shit up, expect to see plates all around the place and clothes on the floor, women moan about pointless and irrelevant shit, expect a lot of arguments

    who knows, they might be chill
    good luck man
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    Depends on the girls. There's a chance they could be cool as fuck, but there's also a VERY good chance at least one of them is crazy as shit.

    My opinion as a female? Don't do it unless you already know them well and you are all really tight friends.

    Keep in mind the fact that they are attractive means they will often have other guys around and they will probably bring them home for the night every once in a while. You cool with waking up to some strange dude in his boxers standing in your kitchen drinking your milk? Something to consider.

    Also, because you are the "man" in the house, you will be the bug-killer, furniture-mover, trash-taker-outer, and fixer of all things broken. Be prepared to be expected to do these things because you are a man; but do not ever, EVER, if you value your life, suggest that since you do the "manly" things that they do the "womanly" things, like cooking house meals or vacuuming. Trust me, it won't end well.

  18. Doesnt seem fair to me

  19. It's not. I'm just sayin', it'll probably happen. It's something I've seen a LOT of times. There's a reason I don't have many female friends...

    Then again, like I said, depends on the chicks.
  20. No it won't be as good as you think. I made that mistake and it was hell. You can't fap whenever you want because if they hear you or you get caught you are instantly a creep. The girls won't want you because they live with you, they will have to see you everyday and won't want to fuck you and make it awkward. You have to share a bathroom with females which, fucking sucks. Have fun trying to shower. 3 girls = 4 hours of used bathroom everyday.

    The girls will either

    1) Get along and turn on you "the creep" that chose to live with 3 other girls.


    2) Try to use you as a moderator when they start bitching each other out.

    They will play mind games with you, move your shit around. My one roommate and I (female) got into a competition with me where we would do each others dishes to stick it to each other if that makes sense at all. When you go into your bathroom you will see tampons and smell their shit which will turn you off without a doubt.

    Live with bros, throw parties and bang bitches at your man pad.

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