Flats electricity with pc grow box?

Discussion in 'Security' started by xStuart smitHx, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. Hello fellow blunt blowers! Planning on getting a flat with 2 of my friends and were planning on a small grow, inside a pc box? How affective is this? What about the smell? & also how will the electricity be? 3 teenagers in a flat two Xbox two iPads a play station laptops. & the grow box? Please help thanks!
  2. thats not enough info to tell you that but for example, my house has 3 people a ps3, 3 tvs(32in), my Grow room (2000watts; with A/C on) and two computers with a 650watt psu and a 500watt one
    and my bill is like $180 with all the other appliences; fridge, water heater, shit like that. but was $100 before the grow room
  3. Three teenagers in a flat with a grow is a bad idea from the start btw. If its a PC grow dont even worry, you'll be running CFL's, thats like being paranoid about using the toaster too much cause "What if someone thinks Im growing!!!!?" The smell needs to be kept in check with good ventilation and maybe ONA or activated carbon on the exhaust.
  4. Only grow on your own. Safer and more meds for just yourself!! Get your own place start small and just get a little bigger with each harvest. Even using a 400w does not add too much more to your power at all. Pretty much the same as 4 100w light bulbs going!!!
  5. You could easily run three large PC grows and not draw any attention, also you might yield enough to last between harvests.

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