Flat-ended joints, anybody?

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  1. Way back on the very, very first day that I ever smoked weed, I was with my (now former) roommate and suitemate, and we got our stuff from my suitemate's dad. Apparently they were not terribly experienced smokers themselves and did not know how to roll joints, so they asked him to roll a couple in advance for us so we wouldn't have to. He rolled us two beautifully uniform joints, and after we left my friends explained to me that the normal way of rolling joints was to twist off the ends, but he used a more advanced technique which produced flat ends, making the joint perfectly cyllindrical. I did not examine it closely enough to see what it really looked like (other than PERFECTLY flat!). Ever since then I have been curious about how he did that, googled the shit out of it, searched for it on every site I know to search, but have not found mention of a flat-ended joint ANYWHERE. Does anybody have a clue what I'm talking about? Is it just something that he did himself, or is there actually a bonafide technique out there that people know about other than him? I don't know that there is any particular advantage to this technique other than being impressive, but my curiosity is killing me.
  2. This is the closest thing ive seen to that,

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9eDDd3iH7u4]YouTube - How to Roll a Straighter Joint-(Snips Delicious)[/ame]
  3. all my tips be flat son

    i cant name one single other person that does this
  4. i can roll 20 uniform joints and fill a cigarette pack if i want
  5. Have you experienced any functional advantages to this method over the traditional twisting method?

  6. lights even
  7. but really is just a stylistic difference.... whatever works... i just dont like having to twist and then trim any extra paper, it's easier for me to just flatten it and then fold it down

    it's the exact same creases as wrapping an xmas present
  8. i usually roll with a twist, but this is sometihing to consider

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