Flashlights in a stealth grow?

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  1. I'm desperate to grow. Im looking for any way to grow in my house. The only place i can do it is in my attic. But seeing as my attic doesn't have any outlets thats out of the question, and so is growing at all. I was wondering if you could use any kind of flashlight or some kind of light that runs of batteries to grow. Is there any way to have the lights run off a car battery or something? I'm a noob at electricity so please, anyone with some knowledge help me out. Thanks in advance :wave:
  2. its possible but too expensive

    if you really want to grow in the house, just grow 1 plant with 2 CFLs, flashlights would eat too many batteries and you would need to buy a lot of fluorescent flashlights
  3. A car battery would not hold a charge very long, it relies on being in a running vehicle to get recharged.

    Why can't you grow in some other part of the house?

  4. rents dont want me to... but the extra bit of money ill give them randomly will compensate... what about a lantern like this? http://www.quakeproofinc.com/shop_o_matic/index.php?action=item&substart=0&id=47 i could use it for the time its on then charge it for the time its off.
  5. Hey man i wouldn't try to grow with any kind of flashlight or lantern or anything, mainly becaus MJ loves light, and alot of it. Charging in between lighting would get to be a hastle for you, you would go through alot of moneys worth for batteries, and it wouldn't be very efficient..does your attic have lights in it? or light sockets? you can get socket adapters that go into outlets that you can plug CFL's directly too..if not i would consider a long extension cord with a power strip before doing anything with flashlights or lanterns..just my thoughts though hope you can get a grow going!
  6. Yeah, that's what I thought. Don't grow in your parents' house, you could get them in a ton of trouble and possibly lose their house, just not fair. Wait until you have your own place.
  7. yeah man i just found those, i might be using them, i just dont wanna get my parents in trouble

  8. yeah, i know, but thats if i got caught, im not in any hostile home and no one ever goes in my attic besides me, and if anyone found them it would be my parents, not the cops or anything. its going to be in some rubbermaid containers behind some insolation, no one will find it.
  9. Man, the smell alone will give them up
  10. Oh, I see. All those other folks who got busted, they were planning on it? :rolleyes:

    Every one who has ever been busted thought they had it all figured out. I assure you, there are plenty of ways you could get caught. Don't do it in your parents' house, seriously.
  11. you need

    1 x extension cord
    1 x clamp lamp
    1 x big CFL bulb
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  12. would the smell give it away if u had it in a sltealth box up in the attic wit hthe lights running thru the box. that could work couldnt it?
  13. I don't think so, im planning on having two 20 gallon rubbermaid containers as the container and it will only be opened when i have to check on them or whatever. Anyone have any input on this?
  14. Dude, trust toasty on this one. It's common pot know-how. You don't grow in your parents house. If you're 18 or over, move out and then grow all you like. Just don't put them in danger (without their approval or knowledge) of losing their house or going to jail, all for a little plant. It's not worth it.
  15. you cant just have your plants sealed all day, they need fresh air mang. if your gonna grow in your parents house without them knowing, why dont you just make a good stealth box and put it in your closet. or grow in one of your friends houses with a better situation. dont give up, where theres a will theres a way
  16. if weather is good in your area, Go find a area that is like a forest or in go in the Deep woods and try... (but u have to go water them everyday in the summer)

    i use to do that back in the Old days , i would buy new soil and everything for the guerilla operation.
  17. Attics are very hot, and the smell willl travel to your neighbours bedrooms (if you have any)

    Though the biggest chance is the lamp will heat something up and burn your house down, there's a LOT of inflammable material in an attic!
  18. You can grow using batteries but you will need the ebike 12v 20ah led acid batteries you are going to need two of them one on charge one running your system get the 1m led grow lights strips of eBay for like 2-5 dollars each you want around 6-8 of them a 12 v pump preferably silent water pump for flow system or air pump for simple bubble buckets fish tank hose and a tote and an air rock and last but not least net pot with grow sponge witch can also be found on eBay for like 3 dollars the whole thing before batteries will cost around 60-70 dollars then batteries will be 50-75 dollars each then chargers are super cheap on eBay for like 15 - 20 dollars so like $125-$165 dollars your batteries should do 3-6 corps you can add lights and containers to get more yield one 1m long tote will get you 3 full size plants or more smaller plants and don't tell a sole even your best friend can get excited and say the wrong thing to the wrong person and its not possession its bigger its cultivation and intent to traffic carries pen time with it so careful and good luck hope I could help
  19. P.s build a box and put a large PC fan in both sides with a piece of activated carbon filter do this on both sides on bowling out and the other blowing it good for plants and kills Oder

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