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  1. Do you get flashbacks from smoking weed? Like a couple days ago i felt high but I hadn't smoked weed in like 4 days. And then the next day i had a dream of when i was really high. It was weird.
  2. Yes. For most people, after smoking weed, intense visual hallucinations will appear, rendering them in able to operate as a normal human being.

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  3. Maybe you just like marijuana too much. To the knowledge of everyone else, you can't have flashbacks because marijuana isn't known to produce profound life changing experiences like psychedelics. You have a change in your consciousness.
  4. I just did it my first time last night, and wow!

    I had like constant dreams of me getting high with like different people all night!
  5. its happened to me a couple times. its cause you reach the same high u did at that time, so u remember that moment. i love having that happen. ahhhh good times.

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