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  1. Hey guys

    I used to be a complete acid head/shroomer when I was younger and now I've just tuned it down to mainly just shrooms on special occasions, I always have flashbacks, I used to sorta enjoy it and thought of it as a "free Trip". But Now Its really fucking with my mind and if thought about getting a hypnotist to help me out.

    Anyone else with similar problems?
  2. my friend does more drugs then u can imagine i mean everything... 2-cb, 2cb-fly, 2ce meth, dmt, 5-meo-dmt, acid over 120 times, shrooms prolly weekly for over a year... trust me ur flashbacks arent as bad as his lol... if u think im kidding im not
  3. Sounds bad, Well no clue how bad his are, hope they arent that bad.

    I'm just coming to terms with it and I'm realizing its causing me a lot of stress.
  4. exactly how much acid do you have to do to become a acid head? how often were u using psychedelics?
  5. I took about 8hits (blotter) every time I tripped, and that would be usually 3 days out of the week going on for about 15 years plus, also add in the shrooms, I did shrooms almost on a daily bases my buddy had tons and just home cultivated them for years.
  6. I have had flashbacks from the 4 acetoxy-DiPT for a period of two weeks. I have to say they were not anything pleasant or horrible. They consisted of lightning bolt(not exactly but similar) lightning up the entire sky for a quick moment. In my opinion i would never want a flashback. I am sober for a reason and when they happens its like wtf.

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