Flash Seeds: a month no beans:(

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  1. well i ordered january 30th and have yet to receive my beans to CO from flash seeds, pity, i planned on running the superautos in a greenhouse that will now have to get populated with something else. I had an email from them about 2 weeks ago saying they be here anyday and still nada, and now they havent answered the last 2 emails sent. Ive ordered from most of the reputable banks and this is by far some of the poorest customer service in the bean industry.

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    customs may have gotten a hold of your beans. I hope not but you never know.
    Also, you can order HSO autos from The Dank Team and not have to worry about customs. They even take credit cards.
    Good luck with your situation.
  3. i was going with flash for the long flower super autos, but i have ordered at dank tream before. I'm not too worried if customs grabs um, im in a legal state and am more worried about the customer service im getting.

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