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Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by adamjj, Oct 7, 2010.

  1. so i got a regular santa autoflowering seed for my birthday last week and i have a couple questions. i ordered them off singleseedcenter.com and they dont have much information on how to grow it. do i leave the lights on 24/0? when it starts to flower do i cut the light back to 12/12? any info on autflowering plants would be cool thank you.
  2. you keep autos on 20/4 the entire grow
  3. thank you anybody have any information on the santa seed itself?
  4. should i start them with the 6500k lights or 2700k? im using 3 23 watt cfl in a 20in tall x20in wide x8in deep pc grow box i made.
  5. 6500k (veg) for 2-3 weeks then switch them to 2700k(flower)
  6. this auto is very easy to grow, just use well drained soil and do not over or under water and you should be set:hello:
  7. I'd leave your lights on 24/0 , If you had them on that schedule already ... just don't change your light schedule or It could lower your possible yield , by shorting the plants life cycle . . .

    If you already have the lights on 20/4 just leave them on that , you can always reduce the hours of light later on If you don't see pre flowering = - ]

    Good Luck man . . . :wave:

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