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Flaming Bowls?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by aros, Feb 20, 2003.

  1. Okay, has this happened to anyone?

    i was smokin a bowl a couple of weeks ago w/ a friend...and my bowl actually caught on fire. it was in the middle of a hit and i had no clue what to do! so like, i passed it to him and he blew it out, and i choked on the smoke. it was some scary shit. i didnt want to drop the sherlock. lol.

    anything like this happen to you?
  2. with hash, yeah
  3. damn, all this talk about exploding joints and flammable bowls is havin me paranoid about takin another hit, lol :D

  4. haha. thats no good.

    phunkyphil, it wasnt hash....just normal herbs.
  5. yea i love when it happens you get a huge hit.
  6. ahaha yeah, i was already styoned, and i felt like i was hitting it for liek 10 minutes.l ol

    happened like 4 minutes ago too
  7. dont pass it...dont blwo it out..hit that mutha!
  8. when my bowl catches on fire I just put my lighter over the bowl and it puts it out pretty easily. I guess if you held the lighter there and the flame didn't go out it might make the lighter explode, but you'd probably have to hold it there for minute or so for something bad to happen (just a pure guess).
  9. I do that pretty often and if It happens I hit it harder!
  10. this usually happens to me when i dont break the bud up too much, and there is like a layer on top of a layer, the top one catches fire, because the air you are sucking through the pipe is not running through that particular nug. then , in flames up kind of, becuase that is where the air flow is.

    i just tamp it down with the lighter, and the whole rest of teh bowl lights up at once, adnd i get a huge ass hit.
  11. hehe awsoem im bout to try n get mine to light on fire n take a killer hit.
  12. Ive done it many a time. I think you should snuff it out some way or another. Like that other fellow, i use my lighter. I think if you let it burn it is a big waste of weed

  15. drugs kill... luckily for us weed isnt a drug :)
  16. where u at jay? im at home suspended Z:p
  17. unless its a lung/rocket or a bucket/gravity-bong, toke it up.
  18. haha, it happened yesterday again too.....i just let it burn and got a super was sweet.i was coughing for days. teehee. but sadly, im dry i have to scrounge up $20.....peace
  19. Flaming bowl? It could be what me and my smokin buddies call a power hit...We have a contest who can power hit it the longest...and we pass it around and whoever let's it die gets punched in the chest by the group, really cool shit.
  20. shroomavision: im not down w/ being punched in the chest....especially when im stoned...cuz i threw up last time and had to go to the was a swift punch to the ribs. sucked ass.

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