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  1. So, what if you took an ordinary super soaker and attached a wooden stick to the front so it sticks out in front of the gun. Wrap the entire stick up in heavy duty tape, minus the end and light it. Fill the bitch with gas and pump it up as much as you can so you get one big spray, also so the flame doesn't go back into the gun lol

    Hmmm, I might just do this.
  2. Darwinism, ladies and gentlemen
  3. This sounds like a novel idea.

    I think we can easily predict the next nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize.

  4. I can't see some early hominid/hominin making a complex tool like that. Was that a really bad insult or just a comment?
  5. A comment you apparently dont understand...
  6. basically he's saying the weak die off by doing stupid shit like this
  7. He's saying you're aiding human progress by lighting yourself on fire and dying.
  8. Yeah, you're right. That is a pretty "great" idea.. But it would be cool to make if I could somehow make the design more practical.

    OK, rather than bashing me, why don't you guys help me out. My brother sprayed me with hot ass water while I was riding my bike this morning and almost made me fall in a ditch lol. I was just thinking of ways to get him back...that fucking menace.
  9. So you want to spray him with fire?
  10. Throw a branch into his spokes then the next time he rides his bike. Or butter the floor or some shit.

    Napalm spraying somebody for soaking you with hot water is just a little bit of an overreaction.
  11. You'd probably just end up blowing up the gun in your face. Hopefully your brother is nice enough to pick the smoldering plastic off of you as you roll on the ground screaming in pain after trying to "one up" him.

  12. No. He wants to....

  13. This thread is failing sooo hard.
  14. Already been done.

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6yFUtJhUb7Q]YouTube - Super Soaker Flame Thrower[/ame]
  15. :laughing:

    Yes, in that case, your invention is plausible.
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    For real. This is natural selection in a pure form. How cute.

  17. Tonight after your brother falls asleep. Go into the kitchen and boil some water. Then dump it on him. That'll teach him.
  18. You are gonna need this




    and this


    so you dont look like this


    and look more like this

  19. ive spend hours indulging my pyromaniac self thinking about designing a prefect handheld flamethrower.
    i think i would attach a failsafe to the end of the supersoaker to make sure the fire doesent come back, and it will.
    find a way to up the presurization of the container, possibly even remove the pump action entirely.
    hook up a small propane/butane outlet to the end of the device to more profesionalize the device beyond simply a flaming stick taped to it.
    and find a way to limit and modify the fuel outlet to either bursts for safety, or consistant flame.

    perhaps i can modify a paintball gun with a propane torch and a modified fuel inlet where the paintballs would come in.

    wow am i rambling about this.

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