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Flame Weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by reverendfilth, Apr 26, 2010.

  1. Hey guys im pretty new to Marijuana. My friends have all been talking about a kind of weed called FLAME. Anyone heard of it? If so what exactly is it? I think it is a strain of weed, but im not too sure. They talked about it like it was waaaay better than Schwag so it sounds like a strain. Thanks for your help=D
  2. Maybe you mean fire. That's good weed.
  3. That might be it, I've just heard them all call it Flame. How much do you think should come in a dimebag of it? My friend said she would give me a dime of it for the price of a nickel cuz she had to get rid of it.
  4. Dime = .5
    Dub = Gram
    $50-$60 = Eighth
    $90-$100 = Quarter

    I don't think you need any higher prices right now, :smoking:.
  5. thanks=D oh another quick question around Texas, where i live Schwag is like the main thing to smoke because its real easy to get ahold of. Do you have any idea of the prices for schwag are?
  6. Gay weed? Or fire.
  7. I can tell you what I pay, but I have a good connection for it.

    $25 = Quarter of an Ounce
    $50 = Half of an Ounce

    +$25 each Quarter of an Ounce


    He didn't sell less than quarters though.

    Oh and, everything is easy to get if you have the right connections for it. Find some dank if you can, trust me. Quality of bud = quality of high, enjoy.
  8. No more than 10 dollars a gram. And even that is alot to spend on schwag.
  9. Flame weed is slag for Good quality marijuana
  10. Sigh. My small town dealers sell an eighth for $60. Of low to middle mids.
  11. Aw, dude... don't smoke Schwag.
    You're close to Mexico so I understand it's easy to get but go for mids at least.

    Schwag is your low dollar stuff, maybe $10 a fourth.

  12. This isn't right .. it depends on the potency of the weed.

    Nick - 5 bucks, contains anywhere from .5 of a gram to 1.0 gram. Nicks are usually associated with schwag weed. You wouldn't get a nick of some White Widow lol.

    Dime - 10 bucks. contains anywhere from 1.0-2.0. depends on potency like I said. Dimes are common. What you need to know is a Dime is a 10 dollar bag of weed.. unless your dealer is shady I doubt he would rip you off.

    Dub - 20 dollar bag. referred to as a "twenty" sometimes. contains around 2.5-3gs. sometimes 2.0 or even 1.5 depending on the dealer and the weed.

    Eighth - 3.5gs. Bring a scale.

  13. schwag is shitty weed. you cant really tell what the prices are cuz it varies from place to place. around here(NH) its 10 bucks a gram for low quality to like mids. 20 bucks a gram for 'headies'.
  14. wow i know for sure an ounce of schwag where i live is 50 bucks, 60 max. But then again that is crappy weed.
  15. i got some stuff called flame a while back, it was dank(thats all we get around here) and did the job. not the dankest i've had but it still got me ripped. :D

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