Flame Polished ROOR?

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  1. Hey people... i was in the shop the other day and saw this roor piece. It was a beaker, looked thick... anyways it had a flame polished logo and a black mouthpiece.. i didnt see the price but it had a black signature above the joint...anyways has anyone heard of this model? Thanks :bongin:

  2. Yeah RooR does a flame polished logo. lol
  3. ^ lol +1.

    if it was 7mm, and 18 inches the retail is around 500 to 600 USD

    Think it was DE or US? I have a US one with crown flame polished logo
  4. Im not sure, the signature was above the joint so i guess .DE..and also the thing i mainly was wondering was the black mouthpiece. it was smooth. but anyways, has there been cases of fake flame polised roors?
  5. Yes there have been fakes with flame polish... unbelievable that they would go to all that trouble but they do. I've seen genuine flame polished tubes with black lips. The ones I've seen were expensive Kustoms. You could land a normal FP ROOR in the 200-300 range though.
  6. if the sig was on the left (looking forward at the joint) then its .de, if its on the right then its .us

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