flame alternative?

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  1. im tired of sucking down lighter gasses. shit like that causes cancer over time.

    im vegan so beeswax rope is out of the question.

    matches roll around with like fine powder of the striker tip chemical. alot of contact you know? plus woodsmoke isnt really a pleasant flavor... but i could get over that, cause at least its wood... like im already burning plant matter anyway...

    anyone know alternatives?
  2. I've heard of hemp wick (Though I've never used it)
    And a candle? If you don't mid maybe a little bit of the parading wax vapours.
    In a joint at least you only to light it once.
    Some people also use Soldering irons (but that sounds sketchy to me)
  3. You could use a soldering iron. It's just metal that you plug in and it gets red hot.
    I've seen this weird thing made for burning bowls, but I forget what it's called. You can use hemp-rope to burn too.
  4. Google herb iron. Its a soldering iron made especially for smoking weed.

  5. The lighter chemicals are burnt up when the lighter is lit. so your basicly only inhaling hot air along with your smoke. It makes no difference.
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    Really, but people always complain they hate lighters cos of the butane? are they just full of crap then haha?
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    yeah joints totally but i cant afford them though haha. like i could, but id have to limit myself to once a day...

    ok soldering iron with ceramic tip is prob my best bet. that herb iron looks good but im not the kind of stoner that can afford $75 smoking implements. maybe i should save up.

    so like hemp rope without wax? seems like i would burn up really fast... idk ill look into it.

    ok so ive got 3 options so far. thanks dudes

    edit: oh shit, so the herb iron is just a soldering iron with a safety switch? ic...

  8. nah dude. ever just sucked flame? like with any empty bowl? theres a distinct flavor. bic tastes cleanest too me, cheaper lighters taste just awful (too me).

    ever held a spoon over the flame? whats that black stuff??
  9. If you have a candle already lit, a piece of uncooked spagetti works like a champ for lighting bowls and bongs!:smoke:

  10. seriously? i use a candle now anyway cause my neighbors dont need to know when im smoking *flick*flick* for like an hour (paper thin walls).

    spaghetti though really? no taste? i guess it just wheat burning... and whatever else is in it... ill try it. thx
  11. Glass rod?
  12. wouldnt you need rele hot flame to get glass hot enough?
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    Yeah, And then it would melt :s
    unless "glass rod" doesn't mean a rod made of glass, but a metal rod that you heat up for use with your glas piece, lol
  14. there is others...

    heat gun with a bong works nicely.


    solar lighter on a sunny day.

    hot knives.

    there are many options you see.
  15. nope, its made of glass, gets nowhere near hot enough to melt. butane torch to heat
  16. Magnifying Glass + Sunlight is probably the cleanest way to light A bowl, could be a bit harder for a joint though...?
  17. works fine too, also on joints but alot easier with a larger magnifying glass (the bigger the better).
  18. What are yall talkin about, I cant taste shit besides herb off a match..... Just dont strike it and instantly put it to your weed..........

    and really???? you cant use hempline WHY? i dont understand you

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