Flamboyant Guys Piss me right off!

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  1. Sorry about possible reincarnation of a long dead forum about this, but i cannot stand flamers! I mean the type who know there gay, and embrace it to a point they feel they need to push there lifestyle on others by means of talking in an unnecessary volume, exagurating any pre existing lisps and dressing in the most retarded atire one has the capacity to see. I cannot begin to understand this, maybe its like the "im a girl hear me roar" piss off, which i still do not get. They must have a new "Im gay, hear me be a fag about it instead of acting like a human being and keeping my sex life and preferences on the down low(not even hidden), even though i know it makes everyone else pissed." Like.... i respect gays, its their life choice and im happy they found a way to be happy, several of my friends are gay. But what pisses me off is the flamboyant type who insist upon putting out the most faggist image imaginable, WHAT THE FUCK ARE THEY TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH? Expressing themselves? Holy shit, ya, because we should all go to that extreme to express ourselves.... if we did, what would the world become, we would have NO discipline at all... :mad:
  2. well the only person that really bugs me is Ellen D. i mean does she really need to dance around that much???
  3. ahahahahahahahahaha. not me, im mellow, but...
    thank you.
  4. are ya trying to get banned? lol
  5. man you are so right i think those people are just confused because they all go for the most feminine girl they can find
  6. I feel you OP. It bothers me when gay people think they can go around "expressing themselves." I bet if someone made a "Straight Pride Day," gay people would get mad.

    Nothing against homosexuals, just saying.
  7. Well, im pretty sure its been "straight pride day" everyday for about the past 200+ years.
  8. Yeah, how dare they act the way they please, where the fuck do they think they are, America?

    to be honest this thread seems pretty asinine to me. I bet theres some homo on the forums at EffeminateGuyCity.com making a thread about how he hates intolerant assholes right this very second.

    Not to say you hate homos, but this thread reeks of intolerance. If you dont like a person or group of people, good news! You dont have to associate with them.

  9. What the fuck are YOU trying to accomplish by posting this?? :mad:
  10. this is exactly the same as yesterdays 'racism?' thread.

    except that african americans has been changed to flamboyant guys.

    ring any bells....
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    I have a few friends who are gay.
    My fiance' has many.

    I have no problem with people who are gay and respectful about it.

    BUT, straight or gay,
    No one wants to hear about your sexual adventures.

    If I'm running around talking about how much I love banging my girlfriend,
    And which positions I like to do it in,
    And what I said to her before, during and after...
    And what she screamed in reply...

    You're not gonna be too into it.

    I see this pretty frequently in the gay community.

    Just a neutral observation.
  12. ^^Thank you. +rep

    For Chrissake, they're people too. Some people have much more outgoing personalities, and I guess these "flamers" you speak of OP are people like that. I see absolutely nothing wrong with expressing who you are as an individual.

    Live and let live. Why don't people follow this?
  13. Are you fuckin kidding me dude? i live in palm springs, CA, i gotta deal with gays all day, but it no way do i hate them. thats their lifestyle, live with it.
  14. this thread reeks
  15. Isn't this along the lines of the people that think shit like "fucking Mexicans, they're in OUR country, they need to learn OUR language." I think that sentiment is just ridiculous, yet I hear it daily. Gay people may not be the norm, but they shouldn't have to toe the "norm line" either.

    People shouldn't have to cover up or adapt their identities just for the comfort of others. If someone wants to climb up on their roof and shout "I'm gay!" to the whole city, let them shout! I don't see where this is infringing on anybody else's right to just ignore them, or continue on with their daily lives.

    Live and let live...
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    Not really. Again, same thing with Mexicans or any immigrant (everyone in the US is an immigrant, so don't get me started on that) If they are walking around shouting "VIVA LA MEXICO" or some shit and purposely drawing attention to themselves over a reason that they KNOW will cause unrest then yes, I have a problem. Want to wear a shirt that says Viva La Mexico, go ahead. A shirt is not disruptive. Being loud and obnoxious about whatever it is you are passionate about is fine in the right setting (i.e. marches, meetings, etc.), not in normal every day life.

    I guess what I'm trying to say is there is a time and place for everything and if you choose to make a spectacle out of yourself in day to day life, which draws peoples attention to you and disrupts their day to day life, then yes I have a problem with that. If you wan't to show how proud you are of your heritage or sexuality then wait for a gay pride parade or some other organized event where you can show your support in a way and place that is both safe for you and others. Remember, America is chock full of ignorant bigots and gay bashing redneck assholes. You should have seen the marches they had in Arizona for the immigration. Thought people were going to get killed the way some people (both sides) were acting and shouting at each other.

    BTW, the people you are talking about that say those kind of things are the same bigots and rednecks I am talking about in the last paragraph. And those types of people will feel that way regardless how people from their respective "target" group are acting.
  17. I get ya man, I wasn't trying to rag on ya. Just throwing some stuff out in the air for people to think about.

    I agree that there is a time and a place for everything, but I still don't think people should have to "tone down" their personalities just for the comfort of the broader populace. For example, let's say my whole town hates Hispanics with accents. Would it be right for my town to expect all Hispanics with accents to keep their mouths shut and keep their personalities on the low just to appease us bigots?

    This same argument of not being a spectacle onto yourself can be extended to many facets of life- loud, "ghetto" black people, "hoochie mamas" with their clothing, people who wear ethnic clothing, ad infinitum.

    See what I'm saying? Expecting one portion of the populace to suppress their identity for the comfort of the people around them is expecting way too much. Whether they're a flamboyant homosexual or a person who wears nothing but black we should not expect them to conform to our preconceived notions of "normality" or activity that is "in line."

    I'm not sure if any of this made sense. I'm pretty baked. I hope it did though, it made a hell of a lot of sense in my head! :smoking:
  18. I live in one of the "Gayest" small towns in the Nation. Bloomington, Indiana.

    I have come to accept gay people for who they are, because love comes in all shapes and sizes and I understand that.

    But honestly, being gay does not require you to talk with that tone, or in that loud of a volume. Being gay just means you enjoy relationships with people of the same sex as you.

    I'm all for gay rights, who says that two men living together or two women living together shouldn't get the same benefits, but don't try to tell me just because you love another guy, that you need to lisp.
  19. No man it definitely made sense. You're basically saying that people should be able to be themselves without worrying about what other people think of them. I completely agree. To address your examples, to me somebody who talks with an accent, wears all black clothing, the "ghetto people" are not disruptive in the slightest. Now, if those same ghetto black people (using your words) went into a primarily white area (or any area) and started bitching and moaning LOUDLY about how the "man" is keeping them down or something (just an example) or start referring to white people they see "crackers" (I've actually seen this before, nothing more annoying and IGNORANT might I add) displaying their black pride, that's when it becomes disruptive and inappropriate. I'm all for people being themselves. Hell, walk around wearing a pink and purple wedding dress for all I care. You'll look like a fucking moron in my eyes but as long as you are happy and aren't bothering me, good for you.

    I'm all for self expression man. Just as long as it doesn't disrupt or otherwise make people going about their day to day life feel uncomfortable. I realize you can't make everyone happy and you can't expect to. Just being Hispanic (back to a previous example) is bound to tick more than a few people in the US off. Sad but true.

    An example that really illustrates the point I'm trying to make is this; A long time ago, I think it was one of the last two years of high school, we were chilling on a bench at a movie theatre right outside of the restaurant we were eating at. One of the people there was homosexual (one of the flamboyant gays the OP was talking about).You know, real feminine guy wearing bellbottoms, had his hair done up in ponytails, etc. For some reason he couldn't stop talking about how gay he was (or so it seemed) every time he said something he managed to squeeze in something that just shouts "IM GAY". Finally I pulled his best friend to the side and asked her if she could have a word with him because it wasn't just me it was bugging. (Now, I'm extremely tolerant. This wasn't a homophobe thing, it was just plain annoying) She talked to him and he toned it down and was completely awesome to hang out with the rest of the night.

    Woah, I can't believe I typed this much haha. Anyways, I've got stuff to do.

    Good vibes, GC. :smoking:
  20. Come on man, for as many gay people that fake a gay 'tone' or lisp I'm sure there are just as many that actually have voices like that.

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