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  1. hey just out of curiosity who lives in florida, or like central florida? JW
  2. I live on the west coast, sarasota county
  3. i live in tampa
  4. tallahassee
  5. I used to live in Ft. Pierce. Just moved out this past Christmas
  6. i live about 45 minutes north west of tampa, in new port richey. hit me up if you want to blaze sometime :-D
  7. Holly Wood , near miami

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  8. We do not allow hook ups here at the city..

    Please do not make replies of that nature.
  9. yea, bh is rite, for liability reasons, cant have no one exchange info here, go use aim or hotmail, ya neva kno who's the person on the other side.
  10. stuart, about 20 mins north of west palm
  11. Tallahassee, FL anybody in the area holla at me!
  12. miami, 305 represent
  13. I used to live 15 min from Ft. Lauderdale, but off to college now.
  14. I live in orlando wanna smoke
  15. Satiellite Beach
  16. I'm from Good ol' New York here.
  17. Gainesville during the school year, Panama City during summer and breaks.
  18. aww.. dude, i live in PSL!!!!! too bad we didnt know before!

    haha.. OMGHI2U:hello:

    hit me up on AIM some time, we can burn some buds together :hello:

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