Fla. Senator Larcenia Bullard files bill to legalize medical marijuana

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  1. Fla. Senator Larcenia Bullard files bill to legalize medical marijuana
    abcan / Kristal Roberts / 11,29,2011

    MIAMI - Medical marijuana smokers may be one step closer to lighting up legally thanks to a Florida senator, according to a Central Florida News 13 report.

    State Senator Larcenia Bullard, D-Miami, recently filed a senate bill to legalize cannabis for medical purposes, in an effort to get it on the 2012 ballot.

    Representative Jeff Clemens of Lake Worth also introduced two pieces of legislation---the House Joint Resolution 353 and SJR 1028.
    While the opposition says it is a gateway drug that should remain legal, Florida Cannabis Network executive, Jodi James, says the choice should belong to doctors and responsible adults.

    We should take tax it, we should control it," James said. "If someone is growing it, it should be there responsibility alone. We believe by regulating it and controlling it we are going to be keeping it out of the hands of children as opposed to an unregulated market."
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    Let the government continue throwing our tax dollars in the hole called prohibition,,we the people will just keep changing the laws where we can. :hello:
  2. Good for you guys!

    Good luck with the movement:smoke:
  3. Awesome news. One step is better than none.
  4. Uphill battle in Fla, but it's a start...
  5. That's right prohibitionists, we can use scare tactics to scare you into legalizing weed.

    JK, i did a paper on legal regulation > prohibition 2 semesters ago.
  6. Hell yeah. A lot of people smoke in Florida, but, from my experience, not as many are politically involved or registered to vote.
  7. Thats awesome news!

    Hopefully this will help most of the retired folk in Fla. who could use it for medical relief!
  8. florida needs to outvote all the old people who always vote againts it -,-
  9. Exactly what I was thinking. There is a huge proportion of old/young voters in FL , so don't get your hopes up too much just yet.

  10. Yeah, need about 20 more years for all the baby-boomers to die off and then maybe we'll see some traction on this.

    Florida being such a huge retirement state, we have a disproportionately large % of old-timers who base their voting decisions on outdated information/myths.:(
  11. That is the same thing the baby boomers have said since 1972,,welcome to our world young underinformed person.
  12. People can base their vote off whatever they want. It's their right.

    I'm a huge proponent of state's rights. If the people of Florida want medical marijuana, then let them have it. If they strike it down, then that's what the people wanted.. that's their right and I respect it.

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