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  1. whats up.. i've finally decided to start a journal after two years of just hangin around. this is'nt my first time growing however, that was last year... everyone tells me i should go indoors, but i enjoy using mother nature to produce some intense sativas and indicas... my plant is in its fourth wk of flowering and is about five ft tall and 4 ft wide... its by far the biggest plant i;ve ever grown and i got the seeds from a sac some crossed strawberry stuff... i will be posting pics as soon as i decide how i'm going to do it... first question -this is the biggest plant i've ever grown, and was wondering how much you guys think i should expect, dry?
    i fed it alaskan fish fert through the veg and indonesian bat guano and alaska morbloom right now every two wks..
    am i doing everything correctly?
    i'm in central fl, near tampa, and we receive mass amts of sunshine here, hence the sunshine state... comments please
  2. I live in the same exact area and I'm taking some plants outside soon. yours is way ahead of my plants obviously, but it stays warm so long they shoud be able to grow fine through autumn I think. when did you start that plant?
  3. Going to be a hot summer here, huh man? It's only the end of May, and it's already around 100 outside. July is going to be so hot.
  4. update: i just got back from tending to the lady, and she looks excellent.
    i'm starting to see the difference in bud size every three days- its getting thick... the plant looks awesome. the secondary bud sites look as big as the cola's on the plants i grew outdoor last year...
    About the being ahead of you, ya, i just go by feel, not specific dates about when to plant outdoors... is this your first outdoor fla grow?
  5. Sounds like a dandy of a plant,can't wait till the pics show up:)
  6. can i send pics from my cell phone- i really dont wanna ask my girl to use her cam because she doesnt really know about it-long story- i have a motorola razr and it takes pretty good pics.. could i send them to my email or something?

  7. uh... I was just asking when you started so I knew how old your plant is now. and your strain must not be very dependent upon the lighting schedules because it's almost the middle of summer and your plant is flowering during the long day light hours...
  8. is that a good thing? more light=big buds?
  9. wat he is saying is that your plants are not following the typical outdoor grow schedual (flowering in september/october) and that your plant have decided to start the cycle (VERY) early... i would not neccessarily associate more light with bigger budz as usually a consistant 12/12 lighting schedual produces the best weed...

    i am very interested in seeing some pictures of this plant.. and yes, you should be able to email pics from your cell phone... consult the user manual on how to do so..

  10. me too. are you ever gonna answer when you started it? lol I just wanted to know how long it took you to grow a plant that large when it's only the end of May.
  11. i believe i started it around the beginning of march... and i promise i'll get pictures up asap... the plant is looking good, altough there's a lot of love bugs out right now.does anyone know if they're harmfull or beneficial to the plant, let me know...
  12. 5 feet in two months?...oh wait nevermind. 3 months. that's a little bit more believeable.... uhmm the bugs - it depends what bugs they are. some are harmful and some aren't.
  13. love bugs
  14. lol yeah, I've been seeing love bugs all over lately. I don't think they will hurt your plant at all. they just fly around and fuck constantly leaving their gross insect sex juices on everything. mmm mmm. haha.
  15. lol like a real life porn vid on your plants....SWEET! lol

  16. update: finally, some rain... my lady finally gets a break from all the intense sunlight... the cola is getting large as well as the secondary buds... my secondary buds are around 1 1/2 ft tall, and the primary cola is double that... one question. on all of my plants last year, i never got dense buds... granted i never gave them nutes last year also... is dense buds strain related or could that have something to do with the intense long hours of sun light? i hoping this years buds will be dense.
    Also, i had my friend, who's an experienced grower take a look at my girl, and he was impressed with the quality of the plant... he said i should expect 10-15 oz dry weight if trimmed at the right time. so that is a good thing.
  17. I wanna see some pictures

    dense buds is often strain related and can be from other factors too, but I don't think bright light is one of those factors.. bright light is good.
  18. bad news: the neighbors have a cleaning crew out here clearing some land for them... they as well have a five acre lot, mostly open, with about a stretch of heavy brush at the back of the property... my plant is on the corner of their property about 10yds from my fence.... the plant is fixing to enter week five of the flowering.
    would the plant be able to survive a transplant this late in the flowering? i need input asap... i prefer within the next hour-leaves me time to do some moonlight gardening if you know what i mean :D
  19. good news: the neighbors didnt even get close to the plant.. i'm fixing to give another dose of indonesian bat guano mixed with alaska morbloom... the buds are gettin large; i also got my friend coming over with his digi cam so hopefully i can post some pics and make your mouth's water... dont be hatin just because i dont have pics up yet- i'm extra cautious and was skeptical of even posting on this forum or any forum for that matter.. but i'm coming around... anyways, you guys might get some eye candy later on so cross your fingers that everything goes smoothly with the cam. peace out
  20. Bud density is highly strain dependent.

    In my last grow I had white rhino growing in identical conditions to some super skunk (both from nirvana). The skunk came out very light and loose, whereas the rhinos were solid as a rock.

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