Fl Pipe And Bong Ban As Of July 1St

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  1. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/russ-belville/in-florida-having-a-pot-p_b_3455338.html

    Alternet's reporter then asked DEA Supervisory Special Agent Gary Boggs why the agency had greenlit a 1,200 percent increase in oxycodone manufacturing.  Boggs' response is literally incredible:
    <blockquote>"What you have to understand," Boggs replied, "is that you do have legitimate patients and they're fishing from the same pond that the illegitimate patients are fishing from, so you have to be cautious not to restrict the quota to the point that when the legitimate parties go to the pool, all the fish haven't been taken out by the illegitimate parties."</blockquote>
    Try and imagine Eddy Lepp, serving ten years in federal prison for medical marijuana cultivation in California, explaining that he needed to grow tens of thousands of medical marijuana plants in California so that the legitimate patients would have a supply after all the potheads got theirs.
    <blockquote>Boggs acknowledged the limitations of the metaphor, but added that "we can't just be arbitrary and capricious in cutting the quota simply because we have a diversion problem."</blockquote>
    But the DEA can be completely "arbitrary and capricious" -- in the words of its own administrative law judge -- in denying the medical utility and accepted safety in use of the cannabis plant.
    <blockquote>The fact is that the U.S. government has adopted a position on prescription painkillers that differs from its policy toward other controlled substances such as cocaine, heroin and marijuana: Unlike those drugs, the DEA says limiting the supply of the prescription painkillers will not reduce abuse.</blockquote>
    Because cocaine, heroin, and marijuana don't have lobbyists on Capitol Hill.  It's all about the power of corporate lobbying.  That's how a drug like oxycodone, a synthetic form of heroin, gets special treatment, despite being the #1 "gateway drug" to hard drug abuse.  That's how Florida's statewide prescription drug monitoring database (E-FORSCE), a system similar to those implemented in 34 other states, suffers defunding threats from the governor.  (In fairness, only one-third of pharmacists and 10 percent of physicians are even using the database and E-FORSCE officials are scrambling to explain how 3,300 private records got leaked to the defense attorneys on the Walgreen's investigation.) The biggest irony in this story is that allowing patients to use medical marijuana eliminates most of the need for the oxycodone.  A 2011 survey of the Berkeley Patients Group, a medical marijuana collective in California, found 2/3rds of patients substituted cannabis for prescription drugs and "those with pain symptoms said that marijuana has less addiction potential than do opioids" and "others said marijuana helped to reduce the dose of other medications."  A 2004 study at Virginia Commonwealth University found "a search for a better analgesic strategy led to the discovery that delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the major psychoactive constituent of marijuana, enhances the potency of opioids such as morphine in animal models."
  2. What urks me is that this state dispenses 85% of the East coast real drugs, people drive all over thecountry to get real "deadly tools" pain killers which lead to unmentionables. 
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    My understanding was that this was a ban was on pipes and bongs that were specifically labeled for marijuana consumption - you can still sell them as long as you say they're for "tobacco use". That's kind of the status quo in most places (here in California I see most head shops with signs posted everywhere that say "for tobacco use only"). So you can still sell them as long as you stay hush-hush about the whole "marijuana" thing...
    Truly rediculous, people can get plastered by buying liquer at the market on the corner, kill themselves with OTC painkillers, and smoke cigarettes until their lungs give out... And yet cannabis - which has never harmed a single human being - must be substituted with "tobacco" if we want to purchase pipes for our enjoyment.
    EDIT: Ah, here we are, sorry for my lack of reading:

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