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FL pickup!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by GotHaze, Sep 27, 2010.

  1. hey guys, haven't posted on this thread before, but I am always on the forums looking around so I decided to post some stuff! Here is a pic of some herb I got today. Will update pics often!

  2. Nice man, those are some hairy ass nugz
  3. holy shit thats dank

    well grown no doubt
  4. Some of the hairiest bud I've ever seen!
  5. super haze lol
  6. good stuff =] :smoking:
  7. bottom of my grinder, got some kief!

  8. Holy shit dude is that just from the stuff you purchased or is that buildup from over time?
  9. where you live in FL i live there too
  10. Nah that's from over sometime I wish it was just from that haze though!!;)
  11. it screams HAIR!!!

    where in FL are you?
  12. :eek:. That is the hairiest bud I've ever seen haha. Great pickup :smoke:
  13. woah is your weed on fire?
    nice pickup, and :0 at the keif!
  14. thanks guys :smoke: I picked up some even more dankness today, but camera died and can't find the charger for it :confused:
  15. nice my guys comin from tampa and he said he got some fire haze i sure hope thats it!!:smoke:
  16. nice! let me know

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