FL Blades, if you didnt vote I hate you

Discussion in 'General' started by Vicious, Nov 5, 2014.

  1. 86% turn out but 57% yes and we still loose? Fuck that shit, There's no reason majority should be 60%. I'm so fucking pissed.

  2. I feel ya Vicious.

    We kicked ass and won by 800k+ votes, but we didnt get that fucking 60%.

    I meet anyone who says they voted no on 2 and Im liable to snap their neck
  3. Government's always on that bullshit. It could've won with 95% yes and Big Brother would've still found a way to strike it down.
  4. Better luck next time but in the mean time I bet you FL blades will still be toking.
    You're full of shit and delusional about how the world works. Its because not enough people voted.
  6. Well DC is showing 69 to 31 on their recreational bill, so we will see how that theory holds up
    So you mean to tell me that the government has never altered results to polls, or anything shady of the sort? I'm not a conspiracy theorist by any means, but I do believe the government regularly skews things to work the way they want them to.
    Also, there's no need for personal attacks. Judging by other posts I've seen by you, I honestly thought you'd be more mature than that.
    I just think its amusing that you believe there is a cloak and dagger group rigging the pole so that it doesn't pass. It was up to the people and the people came a hair short. Saying it was rigged or voting doesn't make a difference is conspiracy and tinfoil.
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    My state didn't even get to vote for weed, you may not like it now, but your state has still come further than others so it's not all bad. At least legalization is on peoples' fucking minds in florida lol. 
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    If it was the government altering results, why didn't they alter CO or WA legalizing? Or any of the other many states that have approved medical marijuana?
    For some reason they wanted to stop Florida from having medical but didn't care enough to stop any other states from having medical or even totally legalizing recreational use? :confused:
    They're calling the legalization race in DC as passing. But god knows the government really wanted to stop Florida from having medical, right? :rolleyes:
  11. Everyone should vote, it is our civil duty.However I doubt that hate would help.Go tell your community, city, and state citizens that you hate them now instead of using a computer on a forum that isn't reaching very many Floridians.
  12. It's going to be a long two years, hopefully we get a better proposal this time.
  13. It's actually quite embarrassing when you look at how many people voted against it..shows you how many people are ignorant enough to believe all the commercials they were airing against amendment 2.
    How anyone could vote against a sick person getting help, no matter your stance on marijuana, is entirely beyond me. I could see people voting against total legalization in their state, but to vote against the right for a sick person to choose marijuana as a medicine?
    I honestly can't comprehend it.
  14. their attack ads were crazy lies and that grady cop spoke out a lot against it which he isnt supposed to do...it was all big money political bullshit and its sad the people are the ones who will suffer as usual
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    Anyone with enough money can buy off a politician by funding their campaign. So naturally, the pharmaceutical companies pump millions, if not billions of dollars into campaigns against medical marijuana.
    Pretty much everyone on this forum would see that statement as blatantly obvious, but sadly, most Americans lack the critical thinking capacity to even question such a thing.
  16. To be fair, we all know FL has a huge amount of old people
    I mean just looking at this
    Second highest amount of people 75 and older, barely trailing only CA which has double Florida's population. 
    Ya gotta get rid of them old fucks, FL ;) 
  17. oh I voted..
    this guy is a drug dealer.

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