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  1. i recently took my Fj Cruiser for an appraisal and to see if i could trade it in to the local toyota dealership for a beautiful red 08 wrx sedan they just got in. the fj has 84,000 on it and is in great condition besides for some mud in the engine bay. the offered me 17k for it and said they could do the subie for 22k with about 17,000 on it i feel like i should be able to get more for the fj what do you guys think?
  2. Why do you want a new scooby? They look terrible compared to the 93-98 models. You can get a great second hand STI (Type R, 22B, w/e) for about $8000. Plus then you have an extra 9-10k from the Fj to spend on whatever you want (obviously part of the money you get from the Fj will go towards the STI's insurance).

    Idk, paying 22k for a standard WRX, not even the good looking model, seems pretty stupid to me :wave:
  3. ^ what he said. Doesnt sound worth it, get a 95-05 wrx or sti, you'll still have cash left over for mods, and you wont owe and extra 5 grand. think smart and stay out of debt my friend :smoke:
  4. I have always loved FJ's, and this is from a subaru guy but idk. I wouldn't buy a new subaru based on their looks alone, let alone a wrx, great cars, but they get beat to shit. If I were you I would take the 5 grand and buy yourself a nice used subaru. They are still beat to shit, but at least its cheap, and you wont feel bad when you go rallying and accidentally bump a few panels, well...if your into that kinda stuff.
  5. Dude never trade in a car PERIOD. They will rape you. And do you like rape?? I should think not, but I guess there's always a possibility!:confused::eek:

    Anyways, you should be able to sell your car private party for a nice price.

    Think about it like this, if the dealership is offering you that much for your FJ, (or that little) they leave themselves plenty of room to mark it up.

    Plus I think that year WRX is great. It was actually faster around a track than the same year STI! So get the Subie and join the community! :wave:

  6. 22k for a WRX must mean OP is looking at buying the 08 or 09 model. There is no such thing as a Type R in the Subaru world. A 22B is not a second hand model WRX, it is a legendary model that was not available in the US. An RS model or GC8 model (Impreza pre-2002) uses the same style body type. Also, a 22B would cost far far more than $8,000. An RS in perfect condition would go for around there.

    The WRX model's first year in the US was 2002. The STi was not available in the US till 2004.

    I have had plenty of experience working on Subarus. I used to be a mechanic. Of all the cars I worked on, Subarus are the best in my opinion. No offense, but the FJ doesn't have much of a market. They don't have a practical value.

    My advice to the OP. Sell your FJ personally. A used car dealership and trade in is going to give you a LOT less than selling it personally. Also, get an older WRX instead of the brand new one. You can easily get an '05 or '06 for less than $17,000.
  7. keep the fj and turn it into a prerunner


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