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Fixing my lungs.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by AllCityKing, Feb 18, 2009.

  1. I have been smoking for about 6 years now and my lungs aren't what they used to be, is there anyway to "fix" my lungs by working out alot again? Or should I just give up now?
  2. u could buy a pair of new lungs at ebay

    just kidding , sry mate idk how u can improve ur lungs
  3. I do not know if working out will cure your lungs.
    but if your lungs are hurting or you cannot breath good,
    take a t-break, or just take smaller hits.
    (preferably smaller hits):D
  4. ive heard a lot that most lung damage done by weed is easily fixed by quitting. in the movie super high me, the main guy stopped smoking for 30 days after 17 yrs of smoking and within i think like a week his lung capacity and such improved noticeably. if you just stop smoking your lungs should recover most of the damage.
  5. I'd say go back to working out a lot. And you don't smoke cigarettes do you? That would be the reason. If you meant pot (hopefully)- I think swimming laps would help you more than anything else. The controlled breathing technique in swimming is unlike anything else.
  6. Nah just the ganj. I just want to get back to where I was as far as fitness a few years ago when I only smoked once a week. I was cut as hell, now I'm a fatty. Haha.
  7. i have been smoking weed for 2 1/2 years and cigarettes for 2 years and i have been working out everyday and have played 9 years of rep soccer as while as snowboarding and skateboarding for many years and im fit as hell.

    If you go for a run or do a running activity for a few days in a row you will notice your breathing is more controllable. :p
  8. why not bake your weed: brownies, etc.?

    takes longer to hit you, but lasts a lot longer and ZERO effect on your lungs....
  9. you should get a vaporizer!
  10. Yeah I think it is more that and I eat a lot of fast food. I have no problem breathing but I want to get back into mma and I can't do nearly as much cardio now. Thanks for the good replies everyone. I would give you + rep but I don't know how as I am new to the site.
  11. :smoke:i heard that antioxidants and amino acids can help also like fish oil can help with your lungs i read about it on this website ill post the link up soon
  12. Stop smoking start running and drink V8.
    Or stop smoking so often and start drinking V8.
    Or just start drinking V8.
  13. I'd say quitting for awhile, and working out should get your fat ass in shape.
  14. start doing cardiovascular exercises.

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