Fixing my light schedule!! Please help

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Dtone90, Mar 10, 2018.

  1. My plants are 5weeks old
    Some show sex

    They are on a 24hour light schedule
    I need to match them to the outdoor light schedule

    Lights on at 6am
    Lights off at 9pm

    How should I switch them
    Just overnight
    Or 15min at a time

    Please help !!!!
    Thank you
  2. Why do you need to match the outdoor light schedule?
  3. I doubt they are mature enough to flower right now, but moving outside you're gonna have to keep them in a minimum of 14 hours of light on until the second week of June. There is nothing really to match. Just stick them out there when you're ready. They just need 14+ hours of light to remain in veg. I use supplemental light to accomplish this.
    Your plants may not mature enough to flower for another month yet. That means you're running out of time. It normally will take a generous 3 months for flower and you will run out of outside darkness because the days will be too long before flowering can finish. Your plants will 'reveg' and and then flower again in August. Not the end of the world, but will likely fuck up your finishing times before bad weather sets in. I've had this happen and had to harvest early before the buds were fully ripened to save what I could. Therefore, quality and quantity suffered, but I did still have weed.

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