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Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by budblower10, Aug 20, 2007.

  1. hey all. i have two plants that got "ran over" or messed with by a deer i beleive, and they cracked the base of my plant about 8 inches up from the bottom. i took medical tape and taped them good. there was a slim bit of "skin" that attached the pieces together, so i just taped it together. my question is: while they are healing, would they look very bad? I mean they are pretty much standing straight up (for the most part) but the tops are drooping pretty bad. i know they take a week or so to fix, but should they look pretty bad if they are going to survive? thanks alot all
  2. sounds like the breaks were abit aged when you got to them. Usually if I snap a stem I splint the plant with a stick and some bread ties. 2 reasons. 1 is so I can see the stem IS touching(vascularly) 2 is so when it heals the ties will give and not cut off stem. When I splint I don't tie the ties. I wound them up the stem and stick combining the two and still allowing growth.

    Usually my stem mishaps are virtually unnoticable. Sounds like your were damaged a few hours before you found?

  3. yep. im jus wandering what the possibility is of them survivng
  4. It's a weed, so you got a chance.

    When they recover don't forget to slit your tape so it can grow big w/o hendrances.

    gl . alex
  5. AAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!

    I was sitting on this site farting around and deciced to smoke. WELL after I smoked I was thinking I would go in the yard and check the girls.. :eek::cry::mad::confused: in that order..

    I put up some white painted plywood to reflect the sun to the sides and jackass me didn't secure them and broke off four branches.
    I wouldn't care so much but it was going to be about 1lb. I did tape them up and tied them but only time will tell.

    I do still have A full plant and 2/3 but the potential loss of a third just makes my heart drop....
    Well now I need to smoke the rest of my stash and know next time a couple screws can change alot...:bongin:
  6. Positive rep for learning.

    Thanks for sharing and GL...alex
  7. try and keep the spot moist too I'd say.

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