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Fixing and naming your glass bowls/spoons

Discussion in 'Smoking Pipes, Glass Spoon Pipes' started by MacGyverGirl, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Ello again! I've got a few questions for everyone today.

    1- a smoker friend of mine has a buttload of EXPENSIVE glass bowls/spoons/whatever you call them that are broken due to bumps or slips or dropping them. Some could easily be fixed with a big of glue, but we're not sure what glue to use.

    tl;dr what glue should I use to fix a broken glass spoon

    2- I'm getting a glass spoon for Christmas!! :D How do you guys name your spoons/what inspires your name for them?

    Thanks for any help.
  2. I can't answer the first one. But for the second just get really baked and it will come to you.
  3. I saw a friend of mine's spoon before where the mouth piece had broken off and they glued it back on with nail polish. Think that'd work? The pipe we're fixing broke on the stem so it wouldn't heat up that much.
  4. Go down to Home Depot or lowes and buy some glass epoxy. Put a dab of epoxy on and make sure it's in all the crevices. Usually they take 24 hours to cure so just leave em for a day and they'll be good for some smoke.
  5. In all honesty, when the head of my bowl broke off (clear in half, too) i just superglued the two pieces back together. has held up wonderfully too.
  6. I think first we'll try clear nail polish, of that doesn't work then crazy/super glue, and if that doesn't work we'll be buying glass epoxy. Next time I head over I'll have I post results.
  7. I'd highly advise against nail polish. You don't know what's in that stuff. In all honesty superglue is safe, my moms porcelain vineers are superglued onto her ground down teeth with it. But it still releases toxic fumes when burned. Glass epoxy turns into glass when cured and is 95% heat resistant. You don't have to worry about any dangerous fumes with the epoxy.
  8. Alright. I'll have to get the epoxy. Thankies
  9. Lol, I think its time for a new piece, that can't be air-tight. I found out using a hot glue gun on glass works quite well, especially if it is not a water pipe, it gives it an air-tight seal that is quite durable. I prolonged the life of my first bong after a massacre around the joint area. Had to do some occasional maintenance because the water would mess with it but it worked very well.

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