fixing a broken pipe?

Discussion in 'General' started by ground, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. recently bought a glass pipe for cheap off a friend, a small part of the bowl is chipped away, any way to make this thing usable for smoking buds without using aluminum foil?
  2. can you put a screen in it instead of using foil?
  3. hmm, i probably could... i'd need a flat screen though (the only screens i have are faucet screens which are curved in a bowl shape)

  4. just occurred to me that this faucet screen may also be made of aluminum(?)... i really have no clue... does anyone have an idea? i expect faucet screens are made of similar material throughout north america... i have one in the bowl of my bong as well (shudder... inhaling vaporized aluminum all that time would have been pretty bad...)
  5. i dunno if they are aluminum...i don't think so...but you can go to a head shop and buy a brass or steel screen...usually the ones you get from there are either brass or i don't think their aluminum...then the resin will make it stick in the it'll stay in there...i kinda had the same issue which is why i asked if you could put a screen in it...i hope i helped :)

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