Fixed stem, clear, etc prices?

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  1. Is it possible to find a fixed stem (where the it's parallel to the tube) that's closer to the $150 area? I really love the way 2010bc's, toro's, mobius', etc look but I really can't afford 300 for one. $150 is pushing it as it is. And the closest good shops are well over an hour away so I can't take time out to find these places just to leave with something I wasn't looking for. :/
  2. That type of tube is called a "stemless", just to help you look..
    There are a few options. The smoothest hit with the least drag I can think of in that range would be a mini tube by glassmansdoll/aglassworkorange (they have a facebook, or you can pm aaangelicaaa on this forum). Though they are quite small. You can find them "2nd" (having a small blemish, but fully functional) for right around 100, not sure what they cost brand new, but I believe it should be in your price range.

    However, there is also the smellchecker in the shop here, and the black leaf smoke shower, also in the store, and has very similar styling to a toro.
  3. What mada said.
    Not a lot of online options for your price range, custom would be the best way to go and GMDs mini stemless bubblers are pretty much production, you just have to put in an order and wait.
    Check your LHS, I got my stemless bubbler from mine for $120.

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