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  1. Roommate knocked over the bong. Fortunately, the only thing that broke was my ashcatcher.

    Is this fixable?

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  2. I could have sworn you posted this before. 2011 BC ash catcher right? Yeah you can fix it if you hit up a glass blower. Otherwise just ghetto the shit out of it i guess haha. ITs too nice to meet the graveyard
  3. Yeah you can easily fix that, most glassblowers would just saw off the broken piece and weld on a new joint, talk to smileyagent on here, I'm willing to bet he could do it.
  4. Duct tape ftw.
  5. Honestly most anything can be fixed, but if I wanted to know I'd PM a glassblower.
  6. I was worried this would be about your EFS!

    Looks fixable, definitely hit up Smily.
  7. Can we see the bong in all of it's glory?

  8. I was worried that was broken too! The joint from the ashcatcher was stuck in the bong, but I got it out.

    I'll PM him and see if he could do it.

    Can't find a picture of the bong and ashcatcher, but here's the bong:
  9. I've always loved that one, first EFS I ever saw, and part of what made me want mine.

    Feel free to post it up in my most recent thread, it needs more quality. :D

    The High-end Glass Corner.

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