fix red eyes without drops

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  1. Allright so I think I found a way to fix red eyes without drops a couple years ago and I've never seen it anywhere else or heard it from anyone so I'm thinkin I might be the first to discover it. so a while back I smoked this resin ball with some people and my eyes got red as fuck and then my mom called me and was like come home now so I was like ight I'll be home in an hour and I went to walmart to try and take a nap but I couldn't sleep and I was runnin out of time and my eyes were still red as fuck so I was like I gotta do something and I didn't have any money so I couldn't get drops so I said ight I gotta think like a doctor, what makes eyes red? the blood vessels dilate so how can I make the blood vessels contract so thy won't be red. And I thought well if I got em real cold they would contract so I went to quicktrip got some ice in my hand and sat in my van and closed my eyes and rubbed the icecubes on my eyelids for about ten minutes and IT FUCKING WORKED! So has anyone else ever tried this or am I the first?
  2. Interesting ... seems kind of impractical though. Eye drops aren't out of this world expensive and ice cubes seem harder to come across then something you can just keep in your pocket.
  3. wtf? why walmart?

  4. Well I never have eyedrops anyway cuz I hate putting shit in my eye
  5. yeah.. who the hell takes a nap at walmart

  6. It was like 2am, it was either Walmart or waffle house
  7. I wasn't trying to sleep in Walmart I just needed a place to park so I could sleep in my van
  8. fair enough, i thought you were like sleeping on beds in the store or something haha
  9. Awww hell, ya'll never took a nap in the entrance on WalMart? Bench isn't the most comfy but it's a good heated area!
  10. Couldn't you just have bought drops in the walmart?
  11. He said he didn't have money.
  12. bro thats fucking awesome
  13. Most ramdom thing I have ever heard, just
  14. hahaha that walmart thingy made me think WTF haha :D anyways might try your method next week just for the lulz
  15. i didn't know cold contracts your blood vessels. i thought it dilated them more because your body needs more heat.
  16. I wear contacts so I can't use regular eyedrops and the ones for contacts don't seem to help redness. So I usually just drink a lot of water and it seems to help, but I will try this ice thing just because it's interesting !
  17. lmfao not that hard to steal eyedrops if you really have to....
  18. Sleeping would not makes your eyes less red

  19. I'm not a thief

  20. yeah but how would opening the vessels bring heat? it would make more blood colder. the body doesnt want it so it will contract the vessels to safe warmth/eneregy.

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