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  1. hey guys, Ive been building this ebb and flow hydro setup for a bit now and last night I cut two holes in the flood tray with a razor blade (i dont have a drill) and it seems water tight. However the tray does not completely drain and water accumulates in the tray inbetween the two fittings. How do you guys think i should modify the tray to completely drain. Ive thought of cutting a small hole in the middle or maybe cutting a piece of the drain fitting (look at the close up pic) so water can flow in without that lip in the way. Any ideas are appreciated, thanks

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    Just add some lava rocks on the bottom, so that way it will prevent your plants(roots) from touching the left over water...Even if you cover your drain fitting completely it will not stop water from draining...Or you can slightly tilt your box toward drain fitting.
    P.S.Nice set up, but is there any particular reason for using clear box???
    P.P.S.Clear containers + light+water=algae
  3. I was planning on filling the tray with hydroton and planting clones in rockwool into it. I forgot to mention im going to wrap it all in some reflective material, prob aluminum foil. But if the left over water isn't an issue as long as the roots aren't in it then I guess I can just start my grow.
  4. you dont have to extract 100% of the water, what you leave in the bottom is fine.. even if your roots are in it. your main root-ball will still dry out between floods and wont rot. Obviously try to get as much water as you can out but your never going to get it all.

    use some h2o2 to supplement your res, it'll keep the oxygen levels high even in the left over water which your plants will love and will prevent any alge buildup.
  5. I had the same problem. Your best fix if you want it dry is what you said to drill a small hole where the water pools.
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    Aluminum foil probably not the best choice,people said that it produces hot spots, go with Mylar instead...If you do not want to spent $20 on big roll of Mylar get couple of big balloons..
  7. Yea i was planning on buying like a 10x10 roll of mylar anyways to lightproof my closet for flowering anyways so ill use that on the tray. Thanks for the help guys

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