Five-Year-Old Brings Marijuana to School

Discussion in 'General' started by JRilla, Mar 25, 2004.

  1. a while ago i posted some important info on crak cus someone heres husbahnd needed some info. i thinkk crak is some serious shit and not to be messeid with, you know? anyone know what happend to that person husbahnd?

  2. lol if ur talkin aboot my hubs, i think he's alrighty. i think it was a one time thing. i hope anyways. but i'd think by now if he was doing it, he'd be into it deep no? if not then i'm not outta the woods yet. things have been good so far so i hope that's all it was.

    thanx for all the info u gave me shelmikedmu! greatly appreciated:)

  3. WOW, you're welcome duked. thats incredible a one time thing? i thought crack could be worse
    i guess he's cool you got a good man there
  4. that's the thing. he is a good man. he's awesome, and so good with our kids. and i love him. so i hope it was just a one time thing. after that one time binge there, he brought it home and it was in a rock form. can u break it up and snort that? idk if it was crack or what. anyways i flushed it down the toilet lol. i don't think he's done it since. i think i'd know. he's been home and i've been keepin a good eye on him since. i'm keepin my fingers crossed;)

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