Five weeks, how much light?

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  1. My baby is about five weeks along and I've given it 24 hours of light since it's sprouted. It's doing great, but I keep seeing 18/6 as the light cycle to use. Is it going to grow any better having those six hours of darkness? I'm using CFLs if it makes a difference. Thanks.
  2. Some say yes...others no. I personally give them a day and a night...and save electricity. I do 18/6. But I also have HID lights. With CFL, they may want those extra hours.'s up to you. Whatever you want to do.
  3. i dont use 24 cycle for these reasons
    save your electrcity

    and personaly i've done both cyles of 24/7 and 18/6
    and have noticed no real difference in growth if anything i think the plants respond better when they have a resting period. in nature theres always a dark period and as and indoor gardener i try to recreate nature to the best of my current abilities

    i grown with both cfls and now HID so i know it doesnt matter what lighting your using when where talking about time cycles
  4. Ok, I was thinking the same thing about giving it a "resting" period. I just started its first LST today, and I'll start the cycle tonight if it's doing alright. Thanks man.
  5. *sigh*

    Cannabis is a C3 plant and doesn't require a dark period. It photosynthesizes as long as there is light so if you have a 6 hour dark period, all you are doing is slowing it down. ;)

    Now, if you want to save electricity, or extend the life of your equipment, then by all means give a lights out period, but don't think it's for the plants' benefit. :)
  6. :hello: I hoped somebody would say this ^
    I give my plants a dark period for the purity of stealth and equipment. I'm a college kid with own apt....but I have a Dark period of from 9am to 3pm...just so the electric guy doesn't see the dial super spinning. That and $100 for equipment is a good amount for a college guy with a fixed budget. So...yeah gotta conserve there.

    But a dark period isn't a bad thing. It allows for Carbon Fixation and production of ATP. During the dark periods your plant stores sugars in the roots for use during daylight respiration.

    In other doesn't matter. During a 24/7 cycle the plant produces plenty of sugars to grow, but during an 18/6 your plants store sugars to jumpstart the plant when the lights come back on. Also, growth can happen in the dark. It's just not as efficient as Light Dependent Reactions. Light Independent reactions require the use of some ATP to produce growth happens all the time, as long as there is daytime as well.

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