Five nights at freddy's? HELP

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  1. Ok so Im not sure if this is even where to post something like this but here goes...
    My kid is obsessed with this fnaf for a while now. Like obsessed. She talks about it 24/7. While im happy she has something she likes and has so much passion for, sadly, ill admit I ignore her half the time now after 2 years of daily rundowns on this game.
    Fast forward a bit.... she wants a fnaf bday party.
    Im known for my creative party ideas. I live for this shit seriously. But this time. I have noooooo clue where to start. I've read about the game and all but theres so much SO MUCH that apparently goes on in this game and so much material to work off of I just dont know if any of it will make sense to her.
    Like for example if i was to get her cake made or paint her a picture with A character + B character but i didnt know they arent even on the same level or version so she'll chew me out for that lol technical little shit she is.
    Atm shes requesting a "springtrap" (her favorite character) painting and i've googled this guy and he gives me little motivation to paint him. Kinda bland to me, creepy but bland. Now usually i'd spice it up and get creative but This time I cant cause i dont know the "gist" of this character.
    im a mess but if anyone can help clear things up for me or give me ideas i'd appreciate it!!
  2. Play the game. It has "very positive" on steam. Hard to ck these days ;)
  3. I know the game is creepy and about killing kids? I know there's nothing positive about it lol I dont got enough time to play this game, actually pay attention to it, care for my plants, two kids, plan 2 parties this month, paint an oil painting, fuck around on the forums, and care for a needy ass hubby lol
    hence why im looking for some "footnotes"
    Any other month Id be playing the game but this month is a REALLY bad one
  4. Just look up videos on youtube of it to get the idea of the gameplay. I don't know anything about the characters though, or what any of the later games are like
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  5. easy.. 1) Rent out a Chuck E Cheese 2) Throw the party from 12am-6am 3) Get a couple of these and have some friends wear them 4) Perfect FNaF party
  6. Hoooooolyyyy shit that's an amazing idea!

  7. What the hell is five nights at Freddy's? Sounds like a rip off of nightmare on elm st:confused_2:
  8. Some game. Like a horror game but kiddie but still pretty disturbing for kids lol

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  9. Its a game What platform is it on?

  10. I checked out a video of the gameplay on YouTube it looks like a pretty fucked up game :laughing:
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  11. I just saw it ... that's some creepy shit .... that would give me nightmares i don't know about kids . Forget the party just give her a handgun and a ski mask :weed:
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  12. She lives for this shit. This and Sharks. she's an.... odd one bit very creative.
    And yes she'd actually LOVE a ski mask n she already has tons of "guns" lol

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  13. My Dog Freddy
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  14. Did I win the Panty prize LOL
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  15. I'm never gunna live this one down huh?

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  16. It's Fine
    I loved it LOL
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  17. upload_2017-8-8_17-26-51.png
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  19. LOL Im done
    Have a Great day
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