Five Myths About Legalizing Our Most Sacred Herb

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    Nice article, most of us probably already know most of this stuff, but still a good read nonetheless!
  2. Good find. 
    The solution though is for the Feds to remove its classification. If its state based its subject to change and if it can't be changed then they then put in counter legislation to nullify the existing. 
    AZ is a great example of that. Governor Jane Brewer is pretty unfriendly to it. Sure you can use it for medical reasons but she opened up the database to virtually anyone anywhere in any state that wants to see who's using it. So what you do in her state follows you for Federal employment and say when you move to another state. 
    In Los Angles theres a City Councilman who is die hard agains it and has surprising influence. He may not be able to change Cali's laws but he's attempting to put up every roadblock possible to the usage of it. 
    Until the Feds deal with it concisely which will not happen in the current climate as it would have to get through the Congress and in light of this month's events you can forget anything going through in the next 4 years then this will continue to be a very weird issue. 
  3. I like the egg and pan myth were they say cannabis destroys braincells . But its actually the opposite. Cannabis has been known to stimulate brain cells. Its baffles me how the gov can get away with shit like this

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