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Five Letters

Discussion in 'General' started by JustListen, May 11, 2010.

  1. New Underground Joints Are Bitchin'

    P F M D A
  2. Put furry man dicks away

    S C O D E
  3. Strong Cannabis Overdoses Destroy Everything

    B J M U H
  4. Bite jarjarbinks's manky undie hats

    Z O C K S
  5. Zany obese children kill spaghetti

    L O H Y W
  6. Love Overcomes Hate, You're Welcome. ;)

    I A I A E
  7. Ingesting awesome indicas, always eventful

    N F B S E
  8. Never falter, become self enlightenment

    G E F D W
  9. God eats furry dog whiskers

    M R L O K
  10. My Right Leg Often Kicks

    F E Z Z Q
  11. Fuck Every Zealous Zebra Quietly

    R D I T B
  12. Really delicious, instantly trip balls

    (Wanted to relate it to what I just ordered in some way :p)

    A A T C L
  13. Ants are tutoring confused Locusts.

    X A Y Q O

  14. Xantics are yellow, quit objecting.

    A I Q L J
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    you uh.. forgot somethin^

    lol there we go.

    artistically inclined quail light joints

    I S K K T
  16. Always irritate queers like Justin.

    L U C K Y
  17. Lithe undulations can kill you

    R U S R S
  18. Rancid Urine Samples Really Sell

    P T T O D
  19. Please take that other dude.

    V P S J A
  20. Vasectomy penises shouldnt jizz anything.

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