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Five Letters

Discussion in 'General' started by JustListen, May 11, 2010.

  1. even a zebra yearns edibles

    O M G T S L
  2. Only mutants get telekinetic sex lives.

    D T B S U

  3. Does Tim Burton See Unicorns?

    D H W V H
  4. Damn haley's wide vagina hurts!

    Q Q Q Q Q
  5. Quality Quaills Quietly Quit Quintuplets

    A H J A F
  6. a hippo joined a forum

    Y Q P R I
  7. fine i'll do my own!

    youth questions political reliability immensely

    W G D D I
  8. weed gets delivered domestically illegally

    F P F P B

    an anti-flag song
  9. Farming people from people blood

    A S A P K
  10. Ape socks are pretty knitted.

    G E D A R
  11. give ernie death axe rays

    H O L M T
  12. humping old ladies - my turnon

    B B M M E
  13. Better be my mom's erection.
  14. pussy and vagina is homogenous

  15. Always Doin' Grannies - Jumbo Loadz

    C G Y J B
  16. Come get your jiffy blowjobs

    I R M K O
  17. Irritating red marks killed orgasms.

    T B N H V
  18. TBNHV

    Transexual bunnies never have vaginas

    P R D A D
  19. Penis Resides Down Assholes Dumby.

    L O V E S
  20. Little ostrage's vaporize endlessly, super!!!

    N U J A B

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