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Five Letters

Discussion in 'General' started by JustListen, May 11, 2010.

  1. When The Female Mate Erupts... ;)

    I L D J K
  2. i like dick just kidding

  3. Female Ejaculate Juice Nourishing Wendy

    C A P O S
  4. Can Aliens Poop On Saturn

    N O T A S
  5. Never overestimate the anal spincter

    A N O I D
  6. All nighter on indianas drumstick ;)

    N I G G A
  7. Never ignore goofy girls, asshole.

    F U C K S
  8. Future Urethra Cancer Kills Silently

    H U G S S
  9. Flapping Uteruss Can Kill Shit

    Edit: Hermione Usually Gropes Sam's Sack

    A B U K S
  10. Always buy underwear, k son?

    M M M Z A
  11. Michael Myers Makes Zebra Artichokes

    P O S U T
  12. Please order six umbrellas, Tommy.

    X Q Y Z J :laughing:
  13. Xylophones Quietly Yappin Zebra Jams

    A D J E I
  14. Xenophobic Queers Yank Zionist Jews

    G Y O R T
  15. Get Your Ovaries Really Tight

    A F H A G
  16. Always forget having a gun.

    Q W E R T
  17. QWERT

    Quickly Wreck Everything Rusted Through

  18. #58 GolgiApparatus, May 12, 2010
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    Ready but so under hearted.

    L D M N R
  19. Let Don Manage Next Round


  20. Ten Insolent Ass Holes Arrive

    N W N W L

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