Five Guys: Burgers And Fries.

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  1. Just smoked a couple bowls and headed over to Five Guys Burgers And Fries.... Got a double bacon cheeseburger and a shitload of fries...

    If you guys have ever eaten at 5 guys then you know how happy i am right now...

    Peace :bongin:
  2. Haven't eaten there but sounds delicious nonetheless, now im hungry man!
  3. haha funny i was just talking about that place today...i have only been there once when i found out about it this summer...soo good, one of the best burger places and better than all fast food shit.... damn im baked and want some now :smoke:
  4. that place is soooo good holy shit. You got me craving it hard now.
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    Pretty good, a bit more expensive than shit burgers(fast food...) but i used to live right next to one. I'd say between fast food and sit down and wait quality burgers.
  6. Its soooo good.

    Everythings fried in penut oil and its greasy fatty fast food goodness....

    Damn im baked...
  7. You are still missing a drink man.

    Might I suggest this.
  8. [​IMG]

    Need I say more.
  9. My god man please tell me thats fake!
  10. Its real and its good.
  11. 5 guys is my shit!!!!
  12. dude five guys rules! i used to live 10 minutes walking from one and rocked the double bacon with cheese and a small fries, which is just practically 2 servings dumped in your bag. and they have free peanuts! :D
  13. So is this place comparable to In N Out? Better? Worse? I've never seen one or heard of it.
  14. i was thinking about that place like last night...i need to hit that place up the food is bangin.
  15. I've only been to In N Out twice before, and I would say 5 Guys is better.

    I had 5 Guys today inbetween my classes, it was incredible as always. I'm all about the free peanuts too.
  16. Everyone always talks like In & Out makes the best burgers in the world. People from California act like they are better people because theyve been there. Well I went to Anaheim and I gotta say I was not impressed. Sure its good but nowhere near restaurant quality. Shit man every burger at Red Robin is better. Kidd Valley and Dicks and Red Mill and Wibblys blow the SHIT out of In & Out.

    Now im not hating on them but they are not jesus.
  17. Red Robin, is also..THE SHIT.
  18. i tried their burger for the first time ever the other night. it was my sisters leftovers and despite it being half eaten and luke warm from the ride back home it was one of the most delicious burgers i've had yet. i got to try in-n-out burger when i visited california. five guys was on the same level and i think eating one fresh may just put it over the top:p
  19. Dude hell yea! I live right across the street from one. Fucking bomb, I'm going there now, lol just cause of this topic.

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