Five 1000w hps, six 600w hps hydro/dirt grow, 5 strains.

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    This is pictures of what you guys have missed so far, ill catch u up a little, but everyone knows the end is the fun part. Kinda lit so ill ppst the pics then talk about them since im forced to use a phone for this.

    Ok first we have the first three mothers vortex (yellow), blueberry(blue), and power plant (green). The other two strains were gifts sweet doreen (pink), and orange kush (orange ish). Colored straws mark each plant.
    i have a jiffy clone with a fogger in it runs about 78.5-81 with the fan making it a fogger delux haha.
    vegging the hydro mothers and dirt starts under a 175 MH and the clones under a 23w cfl. Then I have my BB, vortex and PP mothers under two t5s and my partners dirt clones under two shop light, t12? Or 8s lol.the hydro mothers in the making are the big rockwoll cubes, few dirt plants for a few experiments.

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  2. Lots of stuff I left out, remind me and ill add it.
  3. like the 5 1000w'ers and the 6 600w'ers, and whats under them? sounds like a badas start, looks good too
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    Well the clones are in a jiff tray and the rooteds are in lil jiff trays, protect the.clothset b4 I move them to the growroom. Ill show off the hardware next week.

    Also, how do I post more pictures?
  5. hell yeah well im here waiting on the next update, and you post new pics the same way just in a reply or continuation of the thread, idk how to explain it

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