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  1. Maybe some of you already know, but for me it is a big surprise. There is application, which is called Fitster. fitster - awesome desktop healthsaver

    I will also copy for you some information about this app:

    Fitster reduces the negative effects of sendentary work, improves health, fitness and productivity. Forget about the pain in your back and neck at the end of a working day! Fitster exercises are developed in cooperation with physiotherapists specifically for the use in office environment. Regular use of Fitster also reduces stress and will help you to concentrate better. The magic of Fitster lies in its ability to help you find time for short exercises even in busy days.

    Fitster schedules and shows short illustrated exercise sets for you to perform. Various workout groups can be selected to accommodate different needs. Fitster features a customizable Smart Timer which adjusts the workout timing to your work rhythm.

    In few word - i really enjoy it and it helps to stay fit all day
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